Wednesday, January 5, 2011

365 stitch a long - day 3 -French Knot

I am so blessed to have such a diverse group of friends. One friend commented that I have actually lost it if I think she is going to pick up a hand Well you can use all those wonderful built in stitches on your sewing machine and still follow along. Then I have a few new friends who don't have sewing machines but want to join in. This project can be stitched anyway you want. Just relax and have fun. Today, we are adding the french knot to our pink lazy daisy. Bring your needle up and wrap the thread around the needle twice, slide the thread all the way down to the fabric pulling out the slack, and push through to the back. If you have a loop, your thread was not taunt or at the bottom. Never wrap more than once or twice. If you want a heavier look, use more strands of thread. Multiply wraps tend to unwind.

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