Monday, January 3, 2011

365 Stitch a long - day 2-Blanket Stitch

The response to my stitch-a-long is just wonderful. Thank you for all your support. I will answer a few questions first. The rail fence units we are starting with are just groups of 3's that will be joined together later. ( sewing 2 x 5 pieces into groups of 3) This makes it very portable and easy to handle. At present, I am using 3 strands of floss with an embroidery needle. Just pick one that you can thread. That is more important than size. This project can be done in quilters cotton. Use what you have. The Victorians would be proud of you. Some of my fabrics are re-purposed from my closet.

Today's stitch is the blanket stitch. Bring the thread out on the seam line, insert the needle in position on the left (or right) facing the needle back to the seam line. Take a straight stitch with thread under the needle and gently pull taunt. Work 3 stitches on one side and switch to the other side of the seam.

Keep stitching, Janice

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