Friday, February 4, 2011

365 Stitch-A-Long - day 25 crossstitch/ lazy daisy

Can't believe it is Friday again. My days are flying by. You would think all this cold weather would have time slowing to a halt....only in Hope all of you are staying warm.

Todays stitch is a cross stitch worked without any spacing. I like to work half the cross stitch down the seam and work my way back to the top. A lazy daisy petal is added for interest.

Keep stitching,


  1. Thanks for dropping in with your kind comments. you will get there too. 300. yeah. wow. Love the addition of the daisy petal along the cross stitch. I too go down and then come back up to cross my x's... Stay warm.

  2. Hey Marlis, Please post a link to your Creative Journeys...... I would hate for anyone to miss out..... We had snow again yesterday and more predicted for tomorrow. Thinking spring.....



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