Saturday, July 3, 2010

Unpacking and repacking. It seems that I am doing quite a bit of this lately. This is one of the many quilts that traveled with me to Cincinnati OH . This is actually my first quilt, quilted on an embroidery machine. Oh the things I learned since then. I still consider myself a fairly new quilter but I am hooked. I am always looking for a few minutes to squeeze some quilting in.

We celebrate our precious freedom this weekend with a family reunion, some of the best southern cooking, watermelon, homemade ice-cream and fireworks!

Hugs, Janice

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  1. So!!! Unfair Your son just graduated from culinary school! I bet the food was scrumptious. What did you all have? Glad you were all able to get together. I love lots of family around the table.



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